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Photography Magazine

David Noton eBook - Exposure, For Photographers

FREE PDF ebook to full F11 members

All photographers must understand exposure and how to use it to best effect. In this book, world-renowned photographer David Noton draws on his many years of experience behind the lens to present a comprehensive guide to exposure for photographers of all skill levels, enabling them to create the images they really want.

Starting out with the technical aspects of the craft, David explores how to measure light as well as the exposure modes and sensor performance available on modern DSLRs. Next he looks at controlling contrast, exposure latitude and how to achieve optimum exposure, then how to work with tonal range and histograms.

Moving on to the more creative aspects of the craft, David examines exposure for extreme lighting, how to judge appropriate fast or slow shutter speeds, and when to use minimum or maximum apertures. Every stage of the creative process is covered, from the visualisation of an image right through to its post-production.

With in-depth explorations of the exposure process behind particular shots, the inspirational and practical guidance is accompanied throughout by David’s breathtaking images from around the globe. This is an essential photographic guide that will inform and inspire all photographers to improve their images through a deeper understanding of exposure.

PDF eBook


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