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Photography Magazine

Home Patch

Limited Edition Photobook only available to f11 members

Strange, isn’t it?  I travel the world. I have done for my photography for more than thirty years now, and yet so many of my favourite pictures are shot within a few minutes of our home here on the Somerset/Dorset border. I guess that’s because they’re unique pictures, and not of honeypot locations where I can see others’ tripod leg holes. These images are solely the product of my exploration, my vision and my local knowledge. That is so satisfying. But beyond that they are also the fruits of a deep and enduring relationship with this landscape loosely defined as Wessex. And now that relationship has spawned this limited-edition book; “Home Patch”, which is now available exclusively to f11 Members through the f11 shop.

“Home Patch” has been a labour of love. We’ve cut no corners, made no compromises. Exquisitely designed by Clare Taylor-James, our f11 graphic designer at Createability and printed using the incomparable Canon hdbook Service. I have to say it’s a thing of beauty. It’s a self-indulgent project, I’ll admit, but also an attempt to offer to you, our f11 Members, the opportunity to see images which have appeared in past issues the way they really need to be seen; large and with the very best print reproduction available.

“Home Patch” has been made to display the ultimate repro quality available, with 56 pages in a large A3 Landscape format. That quality does not come cheap; each of the signed and numbered 50 limited edition books comes in at £236.99.  But “Home Patch” will only ever be printed 50 times, and only ever sold to f11 Members.

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