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Photography Magazine

f11 Photography Magazine | November 2018

f11 Photography Magazine | November 2018

1st November 2018

Issue 82

Unsurprisingly there’s a distinct autumnal tinge to this month’s edition of the f11 Photography Magazine, with a just a few misty landscapes thrown in, especially in my Behind the Lens Feature from France’s Massif du Vercors, where every day seemed to dawn enveloppé dans la brume. That combination of autumnal colours and mist is such an evocative sight, as I observe from the ramparts of Cadbury Castle in What’s In A Picture. And nowhere are the colours of autumn more pronounced then in New England, the subject of this month’s Stepping Back. Ensuring those colours are what we see on our screens is the topic for this month’s Low Down on monitor calibration. And staying with autumn colours Wendy’s Wanderings concentrates on the flame reds to be found in the Yukon Fall, with a bit of intentional camera movement thrown in. 

The ever-popular Post-Production Videos are seasonal this month too as I respond to an f11 request to demonstrate how to apply watermarks to protect our images, and explore the ability to exposure merge and stitch a panorama all in one go using the latest version of Lightroom to process an autumnal Dorset landscape. 

This month we welcome on board a new columnist, Tracy Calder with a piece on how to quieten down the monkey chatter, while our Guest Feature highlights the work of seascape photographer Carla Regler. Meanwhile our f11 Spotlight shines on Ton Drijfhamer, an f11 from the Netherlands with a taste for Scotland. And then there are more of your excellent highly commended from this year’s f11 Your Vision. 

Eleven more features in this, our 82nd issue, making for an ever increasing wealth of information and inspiration for you here on this website. Don’t forget there’s the Search f11 button at the top of this and every page to help you make the most of all those back issues. And finally; get in touch! We love to hear from you and can guarantee we will act on all reasonable suggestions for what you’d like to see in future editions. And if you’re continuing to enjoy the fruits of your f11 membership do spread the word.

Keep exposing! 

David Noton is a Canon Ambassador
and Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society

David Noton: 1st Nov 2018 12:00:00

Articles In This Issue: