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Photography Magazine

f11 Photography Magazine | July 2017

f11 Photography Magazine | July 2017

1st July 2017

Issue 66

I was going to write that it has been a busy month here at f11, but ‘busy’ somehow doesn’t quite cut it. As we were putting the finishing touches to our new-look website (which you see before you), the old Chasing the Light website was hit by a ransomware cyber-attack that took down some 65 back issues of the magazine and destroyed the back up.

I think everyone who works on the title felt the same way – devastated, angry and hurt. Why other people think it is morally OK to do this kind of thing I will never understand – the effect it has on the livelihoods of everyone who works on the magazine is huge. 

It’s testament the professionalism of David’s long-serving team that they have managed not only to launch the new website ahead of time, but also populate it with some of the lost back issues. While I have been editing this current issue, David, Wendy and Sharyn have been slaving into the night repairing the damage, and have done a superb job. Hats off to them!

And what of this month’s issue? I really enjoyed interviewing Andy Feltham about his surreal approach to street photography, and finding out how he creates his signature style. It’s inspiring stuff. David reports from Scotland, where he narrowly avoided being eaten alive by midges and Ben Pipe takes us behind the scenes shooting a commercial interiors job.

Those in need of brushing up their technique will enjoy Ross Hoddinott’s advice on using foreground detail to really add some depth to your landscape compositions. Bas Meeker discusses graduated filters, asking what is the point of them in this digital day and age.

So as Chasing the Light rises phoenix-like from the ashes under a new name – The f11 Photography Magazine – let’s look to the future, and much more superb photography from David Noton and his contributors.

Ian Farrell: 1st Jul 2017 07:00:00

Articles In This Issue: