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Photography Magazine

f11 Photography Magazine | July 2013

f11 Photography Magazine | July 2013

1st June 2013

Issue 18

Welcome to the July 2013 edition of our Chasing the Light Magazine.

In this month’s edition, we kickstart a great, brand new series – How It’s Done. Each article in this series will explore an image taken by either David or another photographer in terms of Before, During and After, to provide a rounded insight into the creative process behind the shot. In this first article David takes us out to one of his favourite stomping grounds, Durdle Door on the Jurassic Coast, to capture a supermoonrise.

Keeping on this lunar theme, we continue our exploration of light in David’s series Seeing the Light, this time pulling into focus ethereal moonlight – the importance of the moon in our psyche, how to understand it, and the options we have for photographing it. And David provides his usual Video Tutorials on post-production.

For Behind the Lens, David writes Part 1 of his diary recording the advertising shoot he recently completed for Canon in Patagonia. Revealing the weeks of preparation needed before the shoot, and the pressure to deliver, its no wonder he needed a steak when he touched down in Buenos Aires! And for Stepping Back, David reflects on the circumstances and creative process behind his seminal image of the Kootenay River and the Rockies. I must confess that this is one of my all time favourite images of David’s, and one that I was thrilled to feature on the cover of his first book Waiting for the Light. Thanks goodness for the window of opportunity that appeared for David, as Wendy cooked the pasta sauce that fateful last evening in the boonies…

The Bizz is a popular series, deployed as a vehicle to advise on the business of photography. This month David and exhibition curator Maggie Gowan team up to offer advice on staging your own show, reflecting as they go on the Waiting for the Light show they held to celebrate David’s work in 2008. We welcome back eZine ‘regular’ Jon Gooding for another Low Down, as he introduces us to the complexities of shooting his photo passion, architecture. This subject always provides the landscape photographer with new angles and directions, and Jon uses the breath-taking Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari amongst other structures to work through the key considerations.

For our Guest Feature we’re delighted to welcome on board Ulla Lohman, intrepid explorer of volcanic locations across the globe. If you hadn’t figured volcanoes as part of your creative repertoire then think again – Ulla’s truly unique portfolio of volcano images demonstrate what a wealth of creative opportunities these can offer the adventurous photographer. In addition we have the Member’s Gallery, with constructive comments from David on a member’s work.

To all our f11 Members, we hope you’re enjoying the ride, but we need your pictures. If you fancy being featured in the Member’s gallery send us an email with three low-res jpegs and the story from behind the lens. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.

And for those of you not yet an f11 member, take a look at the benefits of f11 membership here. By joining, you’ll receive full access to the monthly edition of our ezine, as well as other goodies.

Freya Dangerfield: 1st Jun 2013 12:00:00

Articles In This Issue: