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Photography Magazine

f11 Photography Magazine | June 2017

f11 Photography Magazine | June 2017

1st June 2017

Issue 65

Welcome to June 2017’s Chasing the Light Online Photography Magazine for our f11 Members.

Here in the UK, we're sliding from Spring to Summer.  If, like me, the good weather has filled you with enthusiasm for photography, and you’re dying to get out there with your camera, then this issue has a lot for you.

David reports on a recent trip to Andalucia in Spain, and how he used man’s best friend to add detail of a different kind to his landscape photography. Meanwhile, Ben Pipe continues his journey through the magical land of Myanmar, and shares the stories behind his glorious images of the country.

As long as I’ve known Ross Hoddinott he’s been a great photographer of small-scale wildlife. His guide to shooting butterfly images in this issue is full of useful tips and inspirational examples of what you can find in a local park or woodland, or even in your own back garden. If I can set my alarm clock early enough, I fully intend to try stalking these little beauties myself.

We’ve also got the results of a heated office debate on the subject of travel portraiture, namely whether you should pay someone for the privilege of photographing them or not. Believe me, it’s a thorny issue and not an argument that’s easy to come down firmly on one side of.

Finally, if you’ve ever dreamt about going medium format with your digital photography, have a read of my review of the FUJIFILM GFX 50S – a 50-megapixel wonder machine that thinks it’s a mirrorless compact. Is it something that would take your photography to the next level? It might well be.

Enjoy the issue, and see you next month. 

f11 Photography Magazine Editor

To all our f11 Members, we hope you’re continuing to enjoy our magazine.  If you’d like any of your images to be featured in our Member’s Gallery column please send an email to with your low-res jpegs (LD 1110 pixels) and the story from behind the lens for each. 

Ian Farrell: 1st Jun 2017 12:00:00

Articles In This Issue: