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Photography Magazine

f11 Photography Magazine | April 2017

f11 Photography Magazine | April 2017

1st April 2017

Issue 63

Welcome to April 2017’s Chasing the Light Online Photography Magazine for our f11 Members.

New beginnings are always exciting, aren’t they? And this is one for me as the new editor of Chasing the Light, The Online Photography Magazine. I’ve loved David’s imagery for many years, so it’s a privilege to be working with him and the other photographers that contribute regularly to the magazine.

And what an issue to start with!  We have more stunning photography from David and Wendy’s recent trip to Argentina, with plenty of revealing behind-the-scenes tales that show exactly how these amazing scenes were captured. David also takes a humorous look back on his love-hate relationship with the many cars, trucks and vans he’s used to travel the world. It made me somewhat thankful that I commute to work by bicycle!

Regular contributor Ross Hoddinott discusses how to use white balance more creatively in your landscape photography, while our columnist Bas Meelker falls in love with one of Canon’s less popular telephoto lenses.

Our guest feature this month is written by travel photographer Toby Adamson who shares his experiences shooting street portraiture. In part one of his guide he looks at some techniques for shooting in the midday sun – invaluable advice for anyone looking to take a big trip this year.

While those shooting closer to home will appreciate Ben Pipe’s travel guide, in which he doesn’t actually travel anywhere. Instead he walks us through some of his favourite photographs of his home city, London. They are inspirational images, and prove that you don’t always have to journey to the heart of the countryside to find a great landscape.

Our usual mix of video blogs, post-production advice and opinion is also featured. I do hope you enjoy the issue as much as I’ve enjoyed editing it.

See you next month.

Ian Farrell, Chasing the Light Online Photography Magazine Editor: 1st Apr 2017 12:00:00

Articles In This Issue: