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Photography Magazine

f11 Photography Magazine | January 2016

f11 Photography Magazine | January 2016

1st January 2016

Issue 48

Happy New Year! And welcome to January 2016’s edition of Chasing the Light Online Magazine for our f11 Members.

In this month’s Behind the Lens article, David Noton reminisces on an autumn spent on Exmoor, as he photographed the golden colours of this beautiful landscape with one of his workshop groups. Next in the Low Down, David kicks off a mini series on the all-important subject of discovering new inspirations for your photography, first by considering his passion for history and the various ways in which this influences his work. He continues this theme in Stepping Back, where a trip back down the A303 from Gatwick past Stonehenge triggers mixed memories of this ancient monument, along with a desire to shoot it once again. And this month’s How It’s Done takes a slightly different tack from usual: David recounts a recent, successful, shoot in Australia, where he returned to base and found that he could not access the memory card from the shoot – for now, sadly, his images of the Kalbarri remain ‘lost’. Finally, he presents two of his ever-popular Fundamentals of Post-Production Videos.


Elsewhere, in Hoddinott’s Hangout Ross Hoddinott welcomes the New Year with a 5-point checklist to give your technique a quick MOT, therefore ensuring that your photography is on the right track at the start of 2016. In the Art of Landscapes, Bas Meelker celebrates his seventh year as a full-time landscape photographer by sharing with us his photo journey to this point, providing some pointers to succeeding as a professional photographer along the way. Another New Year treat: professional photographer Ben Pipe returns to pen a brand new series on travel and assignment photography titled On the Road; in his debut article, he takes us to the Indian provinces of Uttar Pradesh and Punjab, providing a contemporary photo twist on the iconic sites there. Finally, for this edition’s Guest Feature we’re delighted to welcome on board professional photographer Eric Gendron, as he welcomes us to his home patch of New England on the weather-swept north-east coast of the USA, revealing a few hidden gems in this historic and diverse landscape.

To all our f11 Members, we hope you’re continuing to enjoy our magazine. If you’d like any of your images to be featured in our Member’s Gallery column, please send an email to with your low-res jpegs and the story from behind the lens for each.

Chasing the Light Magazine Editor

Freya Dangerfield: 1st Jan 2016 12:00:00

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