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Photography Magazine

f11 Photography Magazine | February 2020

f11 Photography Magazine | February 2020

31st January 2020

Issue 97

So here we go with the last issue of the f11 Photography Magazine, No. 97. You all should have received an email with the sad news by now, but emails do go astray, so if this is news to you the full message announcing the End of the Road for f11 leads this edition. I’m not going to dwell anymore on it; let’s just get on with publishing a quality issue to finish on that's in keeping with all that went before. 

This month I continue to find the photographic opportunities in Senegal captivating but challenging in Behind the Lens, while What’s In A Picture finds the traces of the dark past elusive on historic Gorée Island. Back home How It’s Done deconstructs a winter coastal shoot at Mupe Bay, while my Opinion column ponders the switch to mirrorless. 

This month’s Guest Column is by Tracy Calder, who says for some, photography is more than just a pastime, it’s a valuable device in their mental health toolkit. I certainly know what she means and in fact reinforce that message in Stepping Back, which finds me in a reflective mood on a hilltop at dusk, questioning why we do what we do. 

Meanwhile our Guest Feature is f11 Member, Steve Lomas, who reports on the attractions and photographic opportunities to be found in The Falkland Islands and our last Members' Gallery is an extended one featuring a superb collection from our f11s of informative, entertaining and inspirational images and stories; just what f11 has always been about. To you, our loyal f11s, we send our heartfelt thanks.

Keep exposing!

David Noton is a Canon Ambassador
and Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society

David Noton: 31st Jan 2020 12:00:00

Articles In This Issue: