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Photography Magazine

f11 Photography Magazine | November 2019

f11 Photography Magazine | November 2019

1st November 2019

Issue 94

Canada, and Quebec in particular, features heavily in this month’s issue, starting with Behind the Lens, What’s In A Picture? and the Video Blog from our recent trip to the Gaspé Peninsula; a wild headland draped in autumn colour which claims to be the birthplace of the nation. The Quebec adventure also spawned this month’s two Post-Production Videos, with Part One following me as I process a picture of horses in the mist, paying particular attention to colour balance by using the HSL tab to adjust the saturation of individual colours, and Part Two paying particular attention to a seemingly burnt out sky in a minimal colour image of Cap Gaspé. The seasonal theme continues in Stepping Back as I recall a memorable autumnal shoot in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.

The changeable weather we often see this time of year is often just what we photographers wish for, with showers interspersing with autumnal sunshine in quick session. With such a session in mind I deconstruct how best to photograph rainbows in How It’s Done, while Guest Columnist Angela Nicholson sets the record straight on the recent growth in full-frame camera numbers, which has got people wondering what all the fuss is about. 

I’ve known Helen Gilks, the MD of Nature Picture Library, since the early Eighties, which is why I’m delighted to welcome her to our Guest Feature slot. The stock photography industry has undergone enormous change in the past 20 years or more, but specialists such as the Nature Picture Library still have an important role to play. Ailsa McWhinnie spoke to Helen about where the industry is going.

And finally, a few images from f11s in this month’s Members' Gallery share the common trait of unlocked impact left lurking in the RAW. As usual I offer constructive appraisal.

I’ll not detain you any longer; get stuck in, and…

Keep exposing!

David Noton is a Canon Ambassador
and Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society

David Noton: 1st Nov 2019 12:00:00

Articles In This Issue: