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Photography Magazine

f11 Photography Magazine | May 2019

f11 Photography Magazine | May 2019

1st May 2019

Issue 88

This month (Issue 88) we have for you, our loyal f11s, a “Behind the Lens” from what I’ve decided is my favourite corner of Ireland; evocative Donegal. Alongside that there’s a “How it’s Done” which take us step-by-step through a shoot using a tilt and shift lens on a beach on the Inishowen Peninsula, with an accompanying Post-Production Video, whilst “What’s In A Picture” is a bay in Donegal with a story to tell from the days of the Spanish Armada.

I also “Field Trial” the new 100 System holder and polariser from Lee Filters, and in my second session photographing the training of Olympic Pentathlete Kate French, I get to grips with the equestrian world. In my second Post-Production Video I create a panorama of a rainbow over Chesil Beach.

Meanwhile “Wendy’s Wanderings” reflects on the poignancy of the recent Notre Dame fire. Taking inspiration from the Japanese concept of Ma, Tracy Calder finds ‘negative’ space is actually full of creative possibilities.  We welcome back David Ward in this month’s Guest Feature, and we’ve f11’s images from California to Iceland to Ireland to Northumberland, all of which receive constructive appraisal from myself in The Members’ Gallery. 

Keep in touch, send us your suggestions, and your pictures for the Members’ Gallery.

And of course; keep exposing!

David Noton is a Canon Ambassador
and Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society

David Noton: 1st May 2019 00:00:00

Articles In This Issue: