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Photography Magazine

About Us | F11 Magazine

Photo Credit: © David Noton

Meet the f11 Photography Magazine Team

David Noton

With 32 years' experience as a wandering professional David Noton is established and recognised as a leading landscape and travel photographer. His passion for photography, travel and the world’s beautiful places are the defining influences that have shaped David’s life, work and creative approach to photography. His images sell all over the world – both as fine art photography and commercially in advertising and publishing. He has won international awards for: British Gas/BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards in 1985,1989 & 1990. David has published 3 books.

Horizons expanded significantly in 2007/08 with the writing and publication of David’s first book ‘Waiting for the Light’ and his ground breaking film ‘Chasing the Light’.  The book launched to critical acclaim at a four week exhibition at London’s OXO Gallery, which attracted over 27,000 visitors. 

2009 saw the launch of David’s innovative Chasing the Light Road Show, which now tours Europe. In 2010 David’s second book Full Frame was published alongside another film Photography in the RAW.

2012 saw the launch of his innovative online publication, f11 Photography Magazine (formerly Chasing the Light). David’s third book, The Vision was published in October 2013. 

David enjoys a loyal following from photographers and travellers alike, old and young, from across the globe, with whom he communicates directly through his f11 Photography Magazine, by way of Facebook, Twitter and notonphoto posts – many of which are sent from the field.

Wendy Noton

Wendy’s influence permeates every aspect of our operation. Her eye and enthusiasm for the details of nature have subtly over the decades infused into my photography. On the road she shares the day to day practicalities of the travelling life; setting up camp, foraging for food, canoeing, rescuing me from the incoming tide, driving, waiting for the light and providing a counterweight to the mood swings of a photographer on the brink of suicide because no exposures have been made for days.

In the office she is a vital link in the workflow, the manager of our extensive DNP Photo-library and a demon with the healing brush tool. She can knock up a pasta meal in the middle of the desert and thinks nothing of hanging around in the wind and rain for hours whilst I crouch by the tripod. Wendy also has a hat for every occasion, and is the solitary figure in the landscape, treading boldly across the dunes. A nurse of many years' experience in the NHS, she’s trained in both general and psychiatric care; kind of useful in this game.

Sharyn Meeks, f11 Content and Website

Publishing a monthly online magazine is an undertaking we had little inkling the scale of when we embarked on the whole f11 Project back in late 2011.

Well over 5 years and some 65 Issues and counting later, it’s a task that has come to dominate our working lives, and Sharyn is the one who pulls it all together. As the f11 deadline approaches all too quickly every month she is the one who puts those beautifully laid out web pages together. Quite frankly without her none of it would happen. Sharyn has been here at the helm since 2001;  she is our rock of stability.



IT Support, Matt Hunt

Matt is officially The Most Useful Bloke to Know in the World. As one half of Mitab Systems he sorts all our IT stuff. Our office is crammed full of computers, monitors, scanners, printers, etc., etc., and at any one time there’s something not quite working. Software glitches, corrupted drives, viruses, all that stuff that burden our lives he takes care off. We used to try and sort it ourselves to the detriment of our mental health, often unsuccessfully after wasting hours. Now, we just ring Matt; brilliant. He does though seem to spend much of his working life rummaging around under desks.



f11 Photography Magazine Columist

Ross Hoddinott

From the south west of England, Ross shares his photographic talent writing for the f11 Photography Magazine.  From a young age, he developed a passion and fascination for the natural world and photography.  

Ross won the BBC countryfile's junior flora and fauna competition and Young Widlife Photographer of the year competition a few years later and pursued a career in photography.  Ross is now one of the UK's leading wildlife and landscape photographers  recognised as a close-up specialist, photographing insects and wild plants.  Read on as he shares his travels, adventures and some beautiful photography.